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Continental Waste Disposal Bins

INESTA is a distributor of Taylor Continental Bins offering 660L and 1100L options

A popular sized container the Continental 660 has a deceptively large capacity in a small footprint and its slim configuration allows it to fit through a standard doorway, making it ideal for indoor storage or secure collection areas.

Internally welded seams prevent internal corrosion, whilst the hard wearing galvanized steel body and base make for a durable, long lasting container that delivers exceptional lifetime value when compared to plastic or alternative steel containers.

The Continental® 660 litre waste container is available in a wide range of colours and other options including DIN points and embossing

With over 1.2 million units bought, and in use by nearly nine out of ten UK local authorities, the Continental 1100 litre is the undisputed benchmark for waste and recycling containers.

Stylish and easy to use, this 4 wheeled bin can be configured to your most exacting requirements, on even the most demanding waste collection rounds. From DIN points and Danish handles, to lid locks and corporate livery, the Continental 1100 litre is the most adaptable commercial waste bin around.

No wonder it’s the winner of a World Industrial Design Award.