Shredders & Balers

AutoLoad Baler

The Strautmann AutoLoadBaler The time machine of waste disposal

Our customers save 2,000 to 4,000 hours!

The AutoLoadBaler is far ahead of usual balers.

Annoying pre-crushing of cardboard packaging and filling of a press or baler is not necessary anymore.

Your cardboard packaging can comfortably be collected and automatically compacted.

  • High volume collection trollies
  • No pre-crushing
  • No filling- and waiting time
  • Less walkways
  • Automatic emptying
  • High time-saving
  • High revenues

Features & Benefits:

  • In a matter of seconds the cardboard trolley is pushed in the AutoLoadBaler
  • Your staff can immediately take care of the core business. The trolley is emptied by itself.
  • Cardboard boxes are conveyed into the press chamber and press process starts automatically
  • Your employees have no waiting- and filling time anymore. That saves an enormous amount of time!
  • Central installation and collection with high-volume trolleys: Walkways and forklift movements are reduced to a minimum.
  • Work safety is increased by not using a lifting and tipping device at the AutoLoadBaler and no need of manual pre-crushing of carton.
  • 400-450kg heavy cardboard-bales can be sold to recyclers and paper mills.