Containers & bins

INESTA manufactures high quality containers and semi underground containers.  We are a distributor for, Taylor Bins and Contenur wheelie bins.

Electric vehicle fire extinguishing container – BALOX

As electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries become more and more popular, INESTA started to think what to do, if these cars start to burn?

Electric cars can not be extinguished in a traditional way as combustion-powered cars, due to the high heat generation by such fire, fire extinguishing is very difficult.

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Skip container

INESTA Consulting and Trading offer a complete range of skip containers. Containers are available from 1.5 cubic meters to 15 cubic meters (from about 2 to 20 cubic yards).

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E-waste container

There has been much research that has concluded that electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) is the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream. INESTA Consulting and Trading understands how import is to recycle e-waste after the end of its useful life.

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INESTA sealed roll-off container for sludge or wet waste

A liquid tight roll-off containers that INESTA is offering to its customers are widely employed to transport sludge, bio waste or other material type that contains high amount of liquid.

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Heavy-duty HARDOX roll-off container

INESTA Heavy -duty roll-off containers are manufactured from Hardox® steel plates and have generally longer service life in comparison to heavy-duty containers made from ordinary mild steel grade sheets. Heavy-duty roll-off containers are ideal for heavy and sharp scrap material.

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AISI Roll-off containers

Stainless steel container for foodstuff processing (waste with high acidity level).

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Semi-underground waste container Bee Bin

Standard wheelie containers – can tip over, are not large enough or take up a lot of space and smell. Bee Bin underground waste bins eliminate all these problems.

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Hazardous Material Containers

INESTA hazardous material containers are highly suited for outdoor storage of non-flammable and highly flammable materials.

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Screw Containers (ash containers)

INESTA screw containers are ideal in heat/ power plants where wood chips are used as an energy source.

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Hooklift containers (Roll on /off containers)

INESTA offers a range of robust, high durable hooklift and cablelift containers, containers with roof for waste disposal.

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Steel Wheelie Waste Bins (GI 1100)

Highly durable, classy, high-grade four wheeled waste bin GI 1100.

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Steel Wheelie Waste Bins (GI 660)

GI660 bins are made in accordance with the European standard EN 840 and are made using 1,25 mm steel
sheet for the body and 1,5 mm for the base with additional hot-dip galvanization according to
EN ISO 1461:2009.

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Steel Wheelie Waste Bins (GI 770)

Highly durable, classy, high-grade four wheeled waste bin GI 770.

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High-Capacity Comb Hitch Bin Lifter

Hiflow is a heavy-duty bin lifter from Simpro, with huge throughput capacity and a patent-pending mechanical comb hitch to suit 240L, 660L and 1100L bins

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Rear Loading/ Wheelie Bins

CONTENUR containers are characterized as high quality, durable and resistant to different weather conditions product.

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Litter Bins

Litter bins are designed to be fully integrated into the urban environment.

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Crane Lift Containers

Manufactured using a rotomolding system with linear high density polyethylene, which extends their useful life.

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Sensor and Analytic Software

Enevo’s sensor and analytic software provide unrivaled transparency and insights, allowing you to easily manage your waste and create further sustainability

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