INESTA manufactures and distributes high-quality compactors providing efficient and economical waste disposal in demanding conditions

Combi Compactor

INESTA compactors ensure a safer and healthier living environment today and in the future

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Bio Compactor

INESTA Bio Compactors are designed for the food industries, hospitals & hotels

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Stationary Compactor

INESTA Stationary compactors are robust and designed for commercial & industrial use.

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Solar Compactor

INESTA’s Solar Compactor keeps public spaces clean and reduces waste collections by up to 80%. The Solar Compactor has a wide range of uses including parks, streets, local communities and other public areas.

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Screw Compactor

The screw compactor is the optimum technology for compacting bulky cardboard and large volumes

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Truck Mounted Compactor

MTMing. compactors are designed for mounting on on chassis: IVECO, MAZ, КAMAZ, SCANIA, MAN and their analogues.

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We have a closed system with the Strautmann AutoLoadBaler, which is very important to me as a specialist for work safety. There is no possibility to intervene when the machine is running. The Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH saves every 46,000€ with the AutoLoadBaler.

- Daniel Kleiner