Integrated waste management services, equipment and support.

Integrated Waste Management

We combine our waste management expertise with best-in-class partners and our own waste collection manufacturing capability to deliver end-to-end solutions for sustainable waste collection, sorting and disposal.

Waste to energy

Our waste to energy solutions include burning stations, standard and BIO composers and high air pressure burning stations delivered through partners who are recognised industry leaders using state of the art technology.

Municipal waste sorting

INESTA partners with high tech enterprises specializing in manufacturing shredding equipment for various solid waste and solid waste recycling solutions.

Waste collection consulting

With over 30 years expertise INESTA offers a full range of consultancy services for all type of waste collection equipment and requirements.

Waste collection & other equipment


Crushing and screening buckets


Containers & bins

Waste transfer stations


We have a closed system with the Strautmann AutoLoadBaler, which is very important to me as a specialist for work safety. There is no possibility to intervene when the machine is running. The Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH saves every 46,000€ with the AutoLoadBaler.

- Daniel Kleiner