Bee Bin underground waste bins will help you to recycle

Standard wheelie containers – can tip over, are not large enough or take up a lot of space and smell. Bee Bin underground waste bins eliminate all these problems.

Refuse collection vehicles manufactured in Latvia

Highly efficient refuse collection vehicle, as well as elegant and reliable unit, that can be used for all recyclable and waste  material.

Medical Waste Containers are ideal solution for hospitals

INESTA offeres hooklift, cablelift or skip-lift stainless steel containers that are ideal solutions for waste with high acidity level collection, storage and transportation.

Screw (Ash) Containers are ideal in heat/ power plants

Screw containers (ash containers) are often employed to collect and temporary store hot and cold ash, slag, wood chips, glass bottles and other material, where a continuous automatic feeding takes place.

Heavy-duty roll-off containers are ideal for heavy and sharp scrap material

Manufactured from Hardox® steel plates and have generally longer service life in comparison to heavy-duty containers made from ordinary mild steel grade sheets

High quality and durable rear-loading containers

The design of the rear-loading containers are focused on the ergonomics and aesthetics of all parts.

We offer a complete range of skip containers

INESTA skip containers are available in various shapes: double or single end tipping skips, flat top skips, enclosed double or single end tipping skips and other.

Crane Lift Containers - perfectly adapt to the urban environment,

Manufactured using a rotomolding system with linear high density polyethylene, which extends their useful life.

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