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Electric vehicle fire extinguishing container – BALOX

As electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries become more and more popular, INESTA started to think what to do, if these cars start to burn?

Electric cars can not be extinguished in a traditional way as combustion-powered cars, due to the high heat generation by such fire, fire extinguishing is very difficult.

Emergency response guide for Tesla 3 model is explaining that if high voltage battery catches fire, it is required to use large amount of water to cool down the battery and it can take up to 24 hours to extinguish battery fire.

INESTA Consulting and Trading have developed a water tight roll off/on container, where electrical cars can be immersed and kept for required time to insure battery cooling and prevent battery re-ignition.

Using fireplug located on the front wall of the container, extinguishing water is supplied to the container. Moreover, after the battery is cooled down and temperature in the battery is below the critical ignition temperature, different valve located also on the front wall was designed to pump hazard water out from the container, for example, into hazard material tank.

Container has hook lifting system and therefore can be transported with truck with the help of hooklift system installed on a truck.

Container can have steel or tarpaulin roof that is opening/closing with the help of hydraulic unit or manually, according to the customers needs.

Back wall/door of the container can be fixed (welded) or it can be made movable, therefore, electric vehicle can be placed to the container with the help of a crane (when wall is welded) or with winch (when door is openable).