COVIDSHIELD – Protective sticker for your phone

COVIDSHIELD, a protective sticker for your phone, is based on copper, offers natural antibacterial properties and is a safe and effective way to protect yourself against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 virus).


    COVIDSHIELD is protective sticker for your phone, that contains CovidSafe coating and can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

    CovidSafe coating is a unique Finnish innovation that was developed based on studies, where some metals were added to copper which has antibacterial functions that are known for centuries.

    We touch our phone about 2’000 times per day and therefore, it is highly important to keep the phone clean and safe. No matter how often your are cleaning surfaces with existing detergents it is not effective enough to eliminate all microbes. The only way to eliminate microbes from contact surfaces immediately is to use temporary protection on the surfaces, on the surface of which the microbes die within seconds. The coronavirus is known to spread rapidly both by air and through surfaces. Viruses and bacteria are known to live on various contact surfaces for up to 10 days.

    CovidSafe protective coating works virtually on its own, eliminating bacteria and viruses in seconds. It is not necessary to clean the surface between contacts, even if the first contact carries a disease bacteria or virus on their hands.

    COVIDSHIELD sticker for your phone will last about 1-2 months. It is easy to install and when the red sign appears, it means that the sticker should be replaced (please note, that sticker should not be replaced immediately when red letters appear, sticker is still protective).

    COVIDSHIELD can be applied directly on the phone or on your phone case. INESTA Consulting and Trading can provide pre-cut stickers for any phone model. Please contact us at for more information.