Ready-to-use hand and surface disinfectant (alcohol-based, containing glycerol and hydrogen
peroxide). For professional and consumer use. Bactericidal, levurocidal, tuberculocidal and limited
virucidal effect.


    Hand disinfection: for hand hygiene disinfection according to EN 1500. Apply 3 ml of product to hands and rub into skin with hands for at least 30 seconds (until dry). Make sure that the disinfectant completely covers the nail bed and between the fingers.

    Surface disinfection: for rapid disinfection in the medical industry, nursing homes, sanatoriums, fitness and SPA centers, the beauty industry, kindergartens and schools. Use the spray method to disinfect surfaces. Pour into the sprayer, spray the surface and wait for it to dry. If surfaces are visibly dirty, they must be cleaned before disinfection.

    Has biocide inventory number.

    Biocidal active substance: 100 ml of the product contains 70 ml of ethanol (CAS No: 64-17-5; EC No: 200-578-6), 0.125 ml of hydrogen peroxide (CAS No 7722-84-1; EC No: 231-765-0).

    Available in different size packages:

    • 0.2 l
    • 1 l
    • 4 l

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