In order to avoid the spread of infections and decrease the risk of getting sick, hands should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand rub or washed with soap and water, advices World Health Organisatio (WHO).

Protect your customers and staff with STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizer dispenser unit.

STOP&CLEAN unit is self-standing touch-free hand sanitizing dispenser that offers a convenient way for your customers and guests to keep their hands clean.

Where to use: ideal for use in high traffic areas or wherever crowds gather.

We believe, that this is a crucial unit, that should be installed in shops, wholesale and offices to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser was designed to be easily noticeable and remind customers, staff and guests to disinfect their hands.

STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser can be fully customizable for your company visual identity.

Why STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser?

  • STOP&CLEAN unit is hand-free sanitizing dispenser. Integrated sensor installed in the unit will recognise inserted hand, that will activate the device and will insure no physical contact with the dispenser;
  • The intelligent technology installed in STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser provides the possibility to follow the consumption of the disinfectant in real time. In addition, it sends an e-mail notification to the staff, when disinfectant level is left in the container reaches 50%, 25% and 10%;
  • STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser distributes equal quantities of disinfectant per motion activation, this enhances efficiency and prevents waste;
  • The safety lock prevents unauthorized access;
  • One refill provides 10 000 sprays;
  • The ability to use disinfectants from different manufacturers;
  • STOP&CLEAN hand sanitizing dispenser can run on batteries, so it can be placed anywhere where it is required;
  • STOP&CLEAN unit is available in three different sizes.

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