Containers & bins

Skip container

INESTA Consulting and Trading offer a complete range of skip containers. Containers are available from 1.5 cubic meters to 15 cubic meters (from about 2 to 20 cubic yards).


    INESTA skips designed according to DIN 30 720 standard for skip vehicle systems (chain-loader systems). Skip containers are widely used to store and transport municipal, industrial and construction/demolition waste. Containers can also be used for other purposes, for instance manipulation by crane at building sites.

    INESTA skip containers are available in various shapes: double or single end tipping skips, flat top skips, enclosed double or single end tipping skips and other.

    INESTA skip containers can be designed to fit exactly your needs. To find out more about our INESTA skip containers, please contact us or give us a call to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to help!