Containers & bins

Semi-underground waste container Bee Bin

Standard wheelie containers – can tip over, are not large enough or take up a lot of space and smell. Bee Bin underground waste bins eliminate all these problems.


    Space saving and eco-friendly

    Bee Bin semi-underground waste collection system (deep waste collection system) is an effective and practical solution for collection and temporary storage of waste in residential and commercial properties, waste collection points, parks, town squares, harbours, picnic areas, hotels, fitness zones and other public areas. Bee Bins are installed in the ground vertically, where only around 40% of the container, is located above the ground level.

    Effieciency that will be noticed

    The high volume (up to 5 m3) of Bee Bin semi-underground waste container ensures the reduction of container emptying frequency and eliminates the problems of overfilled waste bins.

    The capacity of one Bee Bin 5 is almost 6 times greate than the largest wheelie bin that is available in the market.

    Waste material (especially mixed waste) deposited in a Bee Bin is compacted by gravity, which increases the quantity of trashed waste in each Bee Bin by about 20%. As the amount of material trashed inside of the container increases, the effect of gravity compression becomes grater as well.

    Clean and odourless

    Bee Bin deep waste collection system keeps the waste collection point clean, prevents overfill and offers an effective solution for odour problems that are common in traditional containers. Coolness of ground helps to slow bacteria development and to minimise odour emissions during warm weather conditions. Oldest waste that will container the most of microbial activities will be at the bottom of the container and therefore will be at the
    coolest place.

    Hygienic and tidy solution

    Aerodynamic shape of Bee Bin system creates a low wind profile and prevents the small lid blowing open in strong wind. The return mechanism closes the small lid of the Bee bin automatically after use.
    A closed Bee Bin will keep waste collection site free of birds, rats and other animals and therefore improves hygiene and appearances of the sites in general.

    Practical design Container

    Bee Bin semi-underground container’s surface is a ready-made solid profile that eliminates the need for expensive decorative covering. Although the container can also be clad with, wood, aluminium or steel framing, as per customer requirements.

    Access lid

    Size and shape of the access hole can vary dependent on the volume, type of waste and the customers specific requirements. The waste input hole of all Bee Bins has a curb that prevents rainwater entering the container.

    As per customer needs, the colour of the Bee Bin deep waste collection system or some of its parts (e.g. colour of the small lid) can be changed.

    Waste collection lifting bag:

    Soft Bag

    Lifting bag is equipped with a quick waste discharging and lifting system. The bag is made out of durable materials that comply with the latest technical standards.

    There are two different waste collection soft bags.

    1. General waste

    General waste bag – bag that is for waste material such as: paper/cardboard, plastic, packaging material, mixed waste.

    It is a two-layer bag, where outer and inner layers of the bag are made out of polypropylene fabric.

    2. Glass waste bag

    Glass waste bag – bag that is used for glass.

    It is a two-layer bag, where outer layer of the bag is made out of polypropylene fabric and inner layer from PVC material.

    INESTA Consulting and trading also offers their customer bio capsule and steel bag for bio waste.

    Lifting mechanism and quick waste discharging system

    Emptying process is safe, easy, fast and mechanised.

    Emptying process is safe, easy, fast and mechanised. Bee Bin emptying is a quick and efficient process that requires one operator and only about 1½ minute to complete.
    Waste collection operator does not need to push/drag heavy wheelie bins, since semiunderground containers are emptied using a crane that lifts waste bag from the container.
    In addition, this way of waste emptying becomes easier especially when roads around containers are uneven, there are holes, kerbs, snow, ice or any other obstacles on the way. Lifting bag is equipped with a quick waste
    discharging system. When operator pulls the rope, the bottom of the bag opens. After emptying operator squeezes the bottom of the bag by pulling
    the rope.

    INESTA Consulting and trading also has a solution for front lifting semi-underground waste collection system.