Containers & bins

Screw Containers (ash containers)

INESTA screw containers are ideal in heat/ power plants where wood chips are used as an energy source.


    INESTA Screw containers (ash containers) are often employed to collect and temporary store hot and cold ash, slag, wood chips, glass bottles and other material, where a continuous automatic feeding takes place. For instance, INESTA Screw containers are used in combined heat and power plans (CHP), where the wood chips are used as an energy source. Hot ash residues after combustion are continuously fed into the screw containers, where electrically powered screw levels the feeding material within the container.

    Level sensor

    Level sensor installed in the container informs the used, when the waste material level in the screw container reaches the set level. A screw container is a reliable and user-friendly solution in both installation and use.

    INESTA offers different options to be installed in the screw container (ash containers):

    • Different feeding hoppers, tailored according to the customers needs;
    • Two screws installed in the container, when high amount of waste material is generated;
    • Different wheel types, for instance frame wheel in front or back of the container;
    • Hook, cable or skip-lifting system;
    • Bottom frame according to a specific standard;
    • Fire hose connector;
    • Container’s fullness level indicator via Sick sensor or other;
    • Auto start sensors;
    • GSM module;
    • Hydraulic lid opening system;
    • Tipping device can be integrated into a container or can be installed as a separate device;
    • Different back door locking system is available;
    • Guiding rails;
    • Custom made container design, for example, INESTA technical team can design and manufacture a container with the required outside dimensions;
    • And other accessories, for more information, please contact us by email: or