Containers & bins

AISI Roll-off containers

Stainless steel container for foodstuff processing (waste with high acidity level).


    INESTA offeres hooklift, cablelift or skip-lift stainless steel containers that are ideal solutions for waste with high acidity level collection, storage and transportation.

    INESTA AISI containers are liquid tight and we offer several models with opened top or closed top roll-off containers (containers with roof). Containers with roof can have manual or automatic hydraulic lid.


    INESTA offers different options to be installed in the AISI Roll-off container (stainless steel container):

    • Different wheel types, for instance frame wheel in front or back of the container;
    • Hook, cable or skip-lifting system;
    • Bottom frame according to a specific standard;
    • GSM module;
    • Hydraulic lid opening system;
    • Tipping device, can be installed as a separate device;
    • Different back door locking system is available;
    • Guiding rails;
    • Custom made container design, for example, INESTA technical team can design and manufacture a container with the required outside dimensions;
    • And other accessories, for more information, please contact us by email: or