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Heavy-duty HARDOX roll-off container

INESTA Heavy -duty roll-off containers are manufactured from Hardox® steel plates and have generally longer service life in comparison to heavy-duty containers made from ordinary mild steel grade sheets. Heavy-duty roll-off containers are ideal for heavy and sharp scrap material.


    INESTA Heavy -duty Hardox® roll on/off container combines high strength, extreme hardness and guaranteed durability in a light weight container.

    As a result, Heavy -duty Hardox® roll on/off containers deliver to our end customers long-term savings, by lasting longer and offer fuel savings during transportation.

    INESTA offers several models of closed top top heavy-duty containers (heavy-duty containers with roof):

    • Steel hinged lid, where hinges are located on one longitudinal side of the container can be opened with the help of a winch or hydraulic system (manual or automatic);
    • Tarpaulin lid that can be opened manually or automatically.

    Options that INESTA is offering to its customers:

    • Container volume up to 45 m3;
    • Bin lift;
    • Bottom heating;
    • Cooling system;
    • Odour removing system;
    • Tarpaulin;
    • Different backdoor modification, for example, customer can order singe hing or double back door (swinging door) containers;
    • Various backdoor locking systems can be designed and manufactured according to the customer needs and waste type specification;
    • And other options are available please contact us at or 00371 22323532.