INESTA Underground waste compactor

Underground waste compactor is an ideal space saving, clean waste collection solution in challenging environments.


    • Designed for locations where the environment poses challenges to the waste handling. Minimal footprint with only a litter bin visible above the ground.
    • The key components of the Underground waste compactor system are hidden under the ground compacting waste material placed into the litter bin.
    • When time comes to empty the compactor, compactor is raised up from the ground with a help of hydraulics or swinging mechanism.
    • In swinging system, hook truck is pulling chain that activates the swing mechanism (no hydraulics in this mechanism are used).
    • Next compactor can be rolled out and lifted on the truck in order to be removed to the landfilled or other waste collection/treatment facilities to be emptied.
    • An empty compactor should be returned/rolled back on the platform that will be lowered down (with the help of hydraulics or the hook of the truck).


    The advantages of INESTA Underground waste compactor system:

    • System is well suited for various types of waste material, for example bio waste, paper, cardboard, plastic;
    • Large amount of waste can be collected, therefore such solution is well suited to sites where great amount of people are concentrated on a regular bases or other areas where human activities generate a steady stream of waste;
    • Due to the fact that key components of the INESTA Underground waste compactor systems are hidden under the ground, it prevents main components/machines from vandalism;
    • Due to the fact that the temperature under the ground stays cool all year round, outside temperature does not impacts waste material trashed into the compactor, therefore it ensures a more hygienic environment and solves the problem of unpleasant odour;
    • Additional accessories can be supplied within the INESTA Underground waste compactor systems, for example, 80% and 100% full warning light or GSM module can be installed, that will inform the operator when compactor has to be emptied;
    • INESTA Underground waste compactors can ensure long emptying intervals;
    • INESTA Underground waste compactor size can be designed to match the location.