Solar Compactor

INESTA’s Solar Compactor keeps public spaces clean and reduces waste collections by up to 80%. The Solar Compactor has a wide range of uses including parks, streets, local communities and other public areas.

  • SOLAR: in line with the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by governments
  • COMPRESSION: When the system detects the opening and closing of the feeding port, it can perform a compression action to make full use of the space in the tube and reduce cleaning.
  • CIGARETTE  & BATTERY WASTE: recycling holes to prevent secondary pollution and eliminate fire hazards.
  • FIRE SAFETY: The system collects rainwater and intelligently detects fire and automatically sprays water to eliminate fire hazards.
  • WIFI & MOBILE CHARGING: users can connect via Wifi to analyse data and charge their phones through a USB port
  • LED: high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and more energy saving and environmental protection
  • GPS POSITIONING: The location of the bin can be easily detected
ModelSTC 120/240
Power Supply Solar (100% Energetic Autonomy)
MaterialAnti-rust steel plate
Side panelsExterior: High strength plastic – Inside: Galvanized steel
Interior ContainerLow density polyethylene plastic
ExteriorPolyester finish TGIC (Triglycidyl isocyanurate)
Compaction bin volume120l/ 240l
Compaction forceCompress waste to size 1/5
Cycle timeMaximum 1 minute
Operating systemMotor with gear system with high resistance chain drive
Automated systemSensors that detect the filling level and condition of the machine
Weight300 KG