Bio Compactor

INESTA Bio Compactors are designed for the food industries, hospitals & hotels

INESTA Bio compactors offer efficient and economical waste disposal solutions even in demanding conditions. Our compactors are manufactured using high-grade steel. They have a unique pendulum ram design which ensures that waste dropped into the filling area of the bio compactor does not get into a contact with the hydraulic cylinders.

  • Avoids waste being collected under or behind the pressing ram
  • Ideal for bio-waste generated in the food industries, hospitals and hotels
  • Highly durable with low whole life service costs

The design of the pressing unit allows users to fill the compactor even during its pressing cycle.
We offer both Hook and Skip-Lift versions.

  • Wide range of sizes & configuration options available
  • Sensor options include GSM enabled fill level indicator
  • The design can be configured according to your specific requirements in terms of size, shape, colour, filling hopper and additional options
  • CE compliant.
ModelsLengthHeight Width
10 m3 (skip loader)4 9622 2051 900
11 m3 (skip loader)5 5502 1601 900
11 m3 (multisystem)4 3802 3902 500
12 m3 (skip loader)5 8002 1601 900