Bio Compactor

INESTA Bio Compactors are designed for the food industries, hospitals & hotels


    Pendulum ram, enclosed hydraulic cylinders and liquid tight container make INESTA Bio Combi compactor to be an excellent solution employed in the industries where waste with high liquid content is generated.

    It is an ideal compactor type to be used in:

    • food industries;
    • hospitals;
    • hotels etc.

    The design of the pendulum ram ensures that waste dropped into the filling area of the bio compactor does not get into a contact with the hydraulic cylinders. Such solution excludes the possibility of waste being collected under or/and behind the pressing ram, ensuring compactor’s high durability and low service cost.

    The design of the pressing unit allows the user to fill the compactor even during its pressing cycle.

    We offer both Hook and Skip-Lift versions.

    In addition, another options that are available to INESTA customers are:

    • Bottom heating;
    • Cooling system;
    • Odor removing system, such as ozone generator or activated carbon filter;
    • Liquid draining valve;
    • Fire hose connector;
    • Various wheel types;
    • Auto start sensors;
    • Compactor’s fullness level indicator via Sick sensor;
    • Hydraulic/electric lid opening system;
    • Tipping devices;
    • GSM module.

    Tipping device can be integrated into a compactor or can be installed as a separate device. Please note, other accessories are also available, for more information, please contact us at or

    INESTA compactors are safe in use!

    A user manual of a compactor operation and installation, CE declaration of Conformity, CE machine plate and warning signs are supplied with every compactor that is leaving the factory. Compactor’s user manual and CE Machine plate comes in the language that is an official language in the country of compactors exploitation. In addition, all warning signs (stickers) installed on the INESTA compactor are also supplied in language that is an official language in the country of compactors exploitation.

    ModelsLengthHeight Width
    10 m3 (skip loader)4 9622 2051 900
    11 m3 (skip loader)5 5502 1601 900
    11 m3 (multisystem)4 3802 3902 500
    12 m3 (skip loader)5 8002 1601 900