Stationary Compactor

INESTA Stationary compactors are robust and designed for commercial & industrial use.

INESTA Stationary compactor are ideal for deployment in the following locations:

  • Shops, shopping malls, markets;
  • Hospitals, hotels, retirement homes;
  • Industrial, temporary waste management and storage plants;
  • Restaurants, banks, sport and leisure centers;
  • Warehouses, transport and customs terminals;
  • Bus and train stations, ports, airports.

Our highly experienced and skilled staff tailor every order individually, to offer customers the most cost effective, high quality, safe and environmentally-friendly compactor solution available.

Key features:

  • Compression of waste horizontally
  • The pressing force strength of our stationary compactor is achieved thought two hydraulic cylinders that are positioned in a cross pattern with a powerful hydraulic unit;
  • This solution allow several containers to be used;
  • We offer mechanical (where two turnbuckles are used from both sides) and hydraulic locking mechanisms using┬áspecially tailored software which ensures automatic locking of the pressing unit to the container;
  • CE compliant.
Technical Specification
Compacting force280 kN (28 tones)
380 kN (38 tones)
400 kN (40 tones)
Steel gradeS355
Hydraulic cylinders2 pieces in 280st and 380st
1 straight in 400s
Electrical motor5.5 kW or
7.5 kW or
11.0 kW or
15 kW