Containers & bins

Hooklift containers (Roll on /off containers)

INESTA offers a range of robust, high durable hooklift and cablelift containers, containers with roof for waste disposal.


    Containers are manufactured for longer life and heavy weight lifting.

    INESTA offers large range of hooklift and cablelift open top containers as well as closed top containers. INESTA Containers are ideal for waste collection, storage and transportation needs. For example, INESTA hook lift open top containers are used to transport metal scrap, commercial, residential, municipal and hospital waste material.

    Liquid tight containers that INESTA is offering to its customers are widely employed to transport sludge, bio waste or other material type that contains high amount of liquid.

    Hooklift and cablelift containers can be designed and manufactured according to the customer needs. For instance, to achieve an extra strength hardox or raex steel can be used for the bottom and sidewalls of the containers.

    Stainless steel containers are also available to the INESTA customers, when for example, a hazardous waste is required to be collected, stored and transported.

    INESTA offers several models of closed top hook lift and cable lift containers (containers with roof):

    • Steel hinged lid, where hinges are located on one longitudinal side of the container can be opened with the help of a winch or hydraulic system (manual or automatic);
    • Tarpaulin lid that can be opened manually or automatically.

    Options that INESTA is offering to its customers:

    • Container volume up to 45 m3;
    • Bin lift installed on the container that is operated with the help of a hydraulic device;
    • Separate standing bin lift that is operating with the help of a hydraulic device;
    • Bottom heating;
    • Cooling system;
    • Odour removing system;
    • Tarpaulin;
    • Different backdoor modification, for example, customer can order singe hing or double back door (swinging door) containers;
    • Various backdoor locking systems can be designed and manufactured according to the customer needs and waste type specification, for example, sludge or bio waste transportation container are equipped with additional safety locking devices;
    • And other options are available please contact us at or 00371 22323532.