Containers & bins

Steel Wheelie Waste Bins (GI 660)

GI660 bins are made in accordance with the European standard EN 840 and are made using 1,25 mm steel
sheet for the body and 1,5 mm for the base with additional hot-dip galvanization according to
EN ISO 1461:2009.

• Volume: 660 liters

• Weight: 80 kg

• Loading capacity: 264 kg

• Construction material:

  • Container: Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal 1,25mm for the body and 1,5mm for the base
  • Lid: Injection-molded single wall lid, rotomolded double wall lid, metal lid.

    Standard, roto-molded double wall lid

Injection molded, single wall lid

Metal lid

Roto-molded double wall lid with small lid

Dimensions (Height x Width x Length):

• Total: 1220 x 760 x 1370

Standards and specifications according to

• ΕΝ 840-2:2020, ΕΝ 840-5:2020, ΕΝ 840-6:2020