Containers & bins

Steel Wheelie Waste Bins (GI 770)

Highly durable, classy, high-grade four wheeled waste bin GI 770.

• Volume: 770 liters

• Weight: 85 kg

• Loading capacity: 308 kg

• Construction material:

  • Container: Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal 1,25mm or 1,50mm for the body and 1,5mm or 2,00mm for the base
  • Lid: Injection-molded single wall lid, rotomolded double wall lid, metal lid.

    Standard, roto-molded double wall lid

Injection molded, single wall lid

Metal lid

Roto-molded double wall lid with small lid

Dimensions (Height x Width x Length):

• Total: 1275x760x1370

Standards and specifications according to

• ΕΝ 840-2:2020, ΕΝ 840-5:2020, ΕΝ 840-6:2020