Containers & bins

INESTA sealed roll-off container for sludge or wet waste

A liquid tight roll-off containers that INESTA is offering to its customers are widely employed to transport sludge, bio waste or other material type that contains high amount of liquid.


    INESTA offers large range of open and close top roll-off sealed containers that are ideal for wet waste collection, storage and transportation needs. For example, these containers are widely used for sludge.

    Sealed roll off container can be designed and manufactured according to the customer needs.


    • Steel hinged lid, where hinges are located on one longitudinal side of the container. Lid can be opened with the help of a winch or hydraulic system;
    • Steel totally welded lid with a hatch(s) that can be opened manually;
    • Lid made out of sandwich panels. It should be noted, that there are many advantages of using sandwich panel lid, for example:
    • Weight savings on the lid is approximately 30%;
    • No need for painting the surface, as the profiles have the same white tone as the exterior laminate;
    • Gel-coated laminate on the surface from both sides of the panel;
    • Long life time.

    Other options for roll of container we are offering :

    • Separate standing bin lift that is operating with the help of a hydraulic device;
    • Bottom heating;
    • Cooling system;
    • Odour removing system;
    • Tarpaulin;
    • Different backdoor modification are available;
    • Various backdoor locking systems can be designed and manufactured according to the customer needs and waste type specification;
    • And other options are available, please contact us via email/phone (+371 22 32 35 32) or (+371 29404069).