Containers & bins

Hazardous Material Containers

INESTA hazardous material containers are highly suited for outdoor storage of non-flammable and highly flammable materials.

Companies that storage and handle potentially hazardous/dangerous goods must have special containers to storage such material. INESTA develops and produces perfect storage solutions that ensure safe, economic, suitable storage and handling for hazmat substances. Such containers will avoid dangerous material to penetrate into society and environment, prevent fire hazards inside of the container and keep employees safe and healthy. We design every container to meet the needs of the customer.

INESTA Hazardous material containers available in a range of sizes and configurations:

  • Ventilation grills at both the floor and ceiling levels;
  • Ventilation equipment;
  • Walking small door;
  • Big doors at the side or front;
  • Locks;
  • Electrics (IP or ATEX);
  • Container can be either with or without insulation;
  • Heating and cooling solutions;
  • Ramp(s);
  • Shelves;
  • Floor made out of galvanized grating or checker plates;
  • Pool (sump pit) for any spills;
  • And other options are available, for more information please contact us at .